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The ordinance page provides the ordinance number, a brief description and date adopted. On the right of the date adopted you may view the ordinance.

Ordinance Description Date  
# 11-2003 Establishing minimum set back lines Nov. 5, 2003 View
# 3-2003 Authorizing entering into the Articles of Agreement joining the Mercer County Regional Planning Commission Mar. 5, 2003 View
# 5-02 Electing to enroll in the Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System Under Article IV of the Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement Law May. 17, 2002 View
# 4-02 Holding tank Apr. 3, 2002 View
# 12-00 Restricting the use of chemical and other portable toilets in the township and establishing a permitting procedure and penalty for violation Dec. 6, 2000 View
# 4-2000 Authorizing Delaware Township to join with other local government unit as a settler of the Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust for the purpose of purchasing shares of the trust Apr. 5, 2000 View
# 8-1998 Public Law, Act 1990-165, See 210 paras (a), "A person who causes a release of any quantity of one or more hazardous materials shall be liable for the response cost incurred by the certified hazardous materials response team or a supporting paid or volunteer emergency service organization." Aug. 5, 1998 View
# 3 -1998 Map Map for Ordinance # 3-1998 Mar. 4, 1998 View
# 3-1998 Adopting the Delaware Township local economic revitalization tax assistance program to provide for tax exemptions for properties in certain designated areas of the township Mar. 4, 1998 View
# 12-96 Amending and Supplementing Ordinance # 4; Regulating the installation and maintenance of culverts across private driveways leading from a public highway and providing penalties for violation thereof Dec. 4, 1996 View
# 12-95 Setting supervisors compensation under Provision of Act 60 of 1995 Dec. 28, 1995 View
# 3-1992C Setting speed limits and procedures for changing speed limits on township roads Mar. 4, 1992 View
# 23-1989 Authorizing an agreement with Jefferson Cable TV L.P. for cable TV franchising Dec. 6, 1989 View
# 21-1989 An agreement of cooperation with other municipalities of Mercer County to operate the Mercer County Joint Sewage Agency to perform the duties and enforce the requirements of the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act Feb. 1, 1989 View
# 20 Act 68 of 1985 setting forth certain guidelines and limitations for the compensation of supervisors of townships of the second class Dec. 30, 1985 View
# 19 Requiring all persons, partnerships, businesses and corporations to obtain a building permit for the construction, reconstruction, enlargement, alteration or relocation of any building or structure Sep. 7, 1983 View
# 18 Accepting Patricia Circle, Patricia Drive West, Patricia Drive East, Lucille Drive, and Jean Drive as Township roads Feb. 2, 1977 View
# 16 Vacating a public highway commonly known as Township Road T-552 from the former location of Legislative Route 43036 in a generally southerly direction, for a distance of 230 feet, more or less, to the relocation point of Township Road T-552, approximate station 2+00 Sep. 2, 1969 View
# 14 An ordinance providing the levy, assessment and collection of a Per Capita Tax of $5.00 for general Township purposes for the year 1969 and thereafter Nov. 5, 1968 View
# 15 An ordinance providing for the levy, assessment and collection of a tax of 1% on the transfer of real property or of any interest in real property situate in Delaware Township Nov. 5, 1968 View