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The ordinance page provides the ordinance number, a brief description and date adopted. On the right of the date adopted you may view the ordinance.

Ordinance Description Date  
O-01-2023 Designating certain Township roads upon which ATVs may travel (revised Ordinance #12-2016-01). May. 3, 2023 View
O-01-2020 Recognizing the authority of the Volunteer Fire Department to seek reimbursement for hazardous abatement material, incidents and safety and rescue response services Dec. 2, 2020 View
O-01-2019 An Ordinance of Delaware Township, Mercer County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, electing to amend its non-uniform pension plan Oct. 2, 2019 View
O-01-2017 Changing the Name and Designation of Township Road now known as Beil Hill Extension to Township Road #T542 Beil Hill as to Eliminate Confusion... Oct. 4, 2017 View
# 12-2016-01 An Ordinance designating certain Township roads upon which all terrain vehicles may travel (repealed) Dec. 22, 2016 View
# 01-2015-01 Authorizing the participation of Delaware Township in the PSATS unemployment compensation group trust pursuant to the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Law Jan. 5, 2015 View
# 6-2014 signed page Flood Plain Management signed page Jun. 4, 2014 View
# 6-2014 Flood Plain Management Jun. 4, 2014 View
# 2-2014-01 Establishing fees for return check charges; service fee charge for certification as to the payment status, delinquent tax statement, or duplicate tax bills prepared by the tax Collector's Office Feb. 5, 2014 View
# 11-2011 Establish that the Township of Delaware per capita tax be collected in the same manner as other Township taxes are collected in the Township of Delaware and that the notice of same be given at the same time and at the same discount, face and penalty as provided in the Reynolds Area School District's per capita tax notice Nov. 2, 2011 View
# 7-2011 Storm water Management Jul. 6, 2011 View
# 10-07 Establishing restrictions on the use of certain township highways, authorizing the supervisors to impose restrictions as to weight, providing for the issuance of permits, and providing for penalties in the event of violation Oct. 19, 2007 View
# 8-2007 Enacting a realty transfer tax and other tax related provisions pursuant to Article XI-D of the Tax Reform Code of 1971, and authorizing the Department of Revenue of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to determine, collect and enforce the tax, interest and penalties Aug. 1, 2007 View
MCRPC – Ordinance #1-2006 Prepared by: Mercer County Regional Planning Commission (MCRPC) Apr. 1, 2006 View
# 3-2006-01 An ordinance for the purpose of providing for the requirement that all on-site septic systems installed within the township, shall require permits pursuant to the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act and eliminating permit exempt systems as provided for under the Act for lands consisting of ten acres or more Mar. 1, 2006 View
# 12-2005 Defining open burning, permitting supervised open burning for domestic purposes, defining and permitting supervised recreational burning, prohibiting open burning and recreational burning of certain materials, and prescribing penalties and remedies for violations Dec. 30, 2005 View
# 10-04 Amend Construction Code Ordinance # 06-04 Oct. 6, 2004 View
# 08-04 Entering into intergovernmental cooperation with other municipalities to establish and maintain the Tri-County Association for Appeals to perform and enforce the requirements of the PA Act 45, Uniform Construction Code Aug. 4, 2004 View
# 06-04 Pennsylvania Construction Code Act and regulations to the Act promulgated by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Jun. 29, 2004 View
# 2-2004 Impose a penalty for the late filing of annual earned income tax returns and prescribing a penalty for each violation Feb. 4, 2004 View